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What is WOCA?

 WOCA is where the future of hardwood finishes meets traditional and proven methods. WOCA is manufactured from natural, cold-pressed vegetable oils and is VOC-free.

Unlike conventional finishing methods, WOCA penetrates the fibers of the wood, hardens and strengthens the wood from within while simultaneously creating a hard-wearing, dirt resistent wear layer on the surface.

Unlike other common oils such as tung oil, WOCA is a hardening oil that increases the strength of the wood and reduces the required maintenance.

Other Benefits of WOCA oils:

  • eliminates the need for refinishing or re-sanding your floors.
  • spot repairs possible without refinishing larger area.
  • base color is included in oil, no additional staining required.
  • modern, matte finish that hides scratches and dents.
  • Wood retains original character (such as reclaimed wood) and retains character added through use and daily life. Your floor will be a testament to the years lived on it.
  • can be recoated with polyurethane if necessary, unlike wax-containing products.

For any additional questions you may have, we would be more than happy to share our years of experience in the hardwood industry with you and provide guidance with your current project.


Photo Credits: Woodcare Denmark