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Osmo - Wood Wax Finish - 1101 Clear Extra Thin - 0.125 Liter

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 Osmo Wood Wax Finish 1101 Clear Extra Thin 0.125 liter is resistant to water and dirt, is very durable and smooths wood surfaces. In comparison to other wood finishes, the natural vegetable oils and waxes allow for an even coloring and a harmonic, smooth surface result. Easy application – no need for primer or sanding between coats – saves time and money. It meets the wood’s natural demands: it is microporous and does not crack, flake, peel, or blister. Resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk, and water in accordance with industrial norms. When dry, the finish is safe for humans, animals, and plants and is suitable for children’s toys, and fast to perspiration and saliva.

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