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WOCA - Maintenance Oil - Grey - 1 Liter - 527430AA

WOCA - Maintenance Oil - Grey - 1 Liter - 527430AA

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WOCA Maintenance Oil Grey is designed to be used as a maintenance re-oiling product for hardwood floors that are previously oiled, waxed or soaped. Depending on how worn your finish is, you should use this product every 3-7 years. It has a higher solvent content than Master Oil making easier to work with and helps it dry faster.The pigment level is fairly low and won't make a big difference in your floors original color. It will replenish the original color and help to fight against the natural ambering of wood. It is recommended that this product be applied by a floor polishing machine, but it is possible to apply by hand. Doing so will be much more labor intensive. Coverage rate is 300-400 square feet per liter.

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