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WOCA - Tester Packets - Wood Lye - 25 ml

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Wood Lye is used to prime unfinished or newly sanded wood work to create uniformity and decrease natural yellow wood tones. Tester Packets are an inexpensive way to test colors on your wood in its surroundings. Coverage is approximately 1-2 square feet.

Driftwood Lye, intended only for oak, gives wood a weather beaten patina creating a 2-dimensional design.

Antique Lye, intended only for oak wood, produces an ammonia smoked look.

Softwood Lye, only intended for softwood, is used to prime unfinished and newly sanded wood. It prevents the yellowing process and preserves the light colors of the wood.

**WOCA Driftwood, Softwood, and Antique Lye products are corrosive and can only be shipped via ground transit. Please expect the possibility of longer shipping times. Due to it's corrosive contents and the process required to safely ship, this product is non-returnable.**

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