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Albert - Floorotex - Floor Surface Protection - 280 sqft - 40"x 84'

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Temporary Floor Protection

albert floorotex is an innovative surface protective
product suitable for all types of flooring. It is ideal
for remodeling jobs as well as new construction.
albert floorotex can be applied by flooring contractors,
painters, movers, and many others.
albert floorotex is one of the most popular floor
protective products in Europe.

Product description

albert floorotex is made of recycled polyester film.
The surface is made of a waterproof and breathable
film. The underside is made up of a spray-on adhesive
which allows the product to be slightly adherent.


  • Waterproof but still breathable – water
    cannot go through and underlying moisture
    does not get trapped.
  • Protects – against scratches and other
  • Anti-skid – mat cannot slip – no need for
    any tape at the sides
  • Very strong material – does not tear
  • Reusable – can be used several times

    Instalation Instructions
    •• Turn-off floor heating before laying
    •• The rolls should be laid down with an
    overlapping on each side by about
    10 cm (4 inches)
    •• Protect against direct solar radiation
    •• The areas to be covered must be dry
    underneath the breathable surface
    protective roll.
    •• The floor protective film cannot endure
    a permanent pressure of more than
    100 kg/m² for more than 24 hours
    •• Waiting period for laying:
    •• Follow the manufacturer‘s guidelines for
    complete curing times. Due to variable site conditions, a site test should also be
    done to ensure floor is cured.
    •• Never use the mat earlier than 72 h after
    the final coat has been applied.
    •• Room temperature 10° – 25°C
    •• Allowable room humidity 50 % – 60 %
    All the details included in this technical product
    information are based on our best knowledge and
    experiences. They do not represent a guarantee
    of certain properties. It is the responsibility of the
    processor to determine the suitability for a particular
    purpose through his own tests and trials. Should
    the adherent underside remain on the floor, we
    disclaim liability.
    Installation and Product Data
    The areas to be covered must not release any
    solvent vapors. No solvent vapors may be
    present on top of the areas to be covered.
    albert Bauprodukte can not ensure that the product
    can be used as suggested. Should the adherent
    underside remain on the floor, albert Bauprodukte
    disclaims liability.
    Do not use on newly laid porous stone floors or
    earthenware slab.
    In the rare case of a residue remaining on the surface
    after albert floorotex has been laid, simply remove
    the residue by gently wiping it away with a wet (use
    lukewarm water) kitchen cloth or rag, and if
    necessary, a small amount of hand soap.
    albert floorotex is slightly adherent on the bottom.
    To avoid accidents the joints of the mat have to
    be taped down.

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